A forgotten part of the heaven, Doodhpathri is just 42kms away from Srinagar. It is a beautiful place with carpet like meadows. It has perfect tourist setting. A river flowing, which generates noise of multiple jingles, green carpeted meadows and pine-dotted jungles provides perfect environs to cool off in summers.


The origin of the name Doodhpathri is not completely known. Some say that the milky water that flows in its rivers gives this place its name. Some say, the place owes its name, to high milk yielding cows, which graze in its meadows for times immemorial. Shepherds from nearby villages and districts would get cattle to grave in its meadows.


Of late, nature lovers have started camping at the tourist place with minimum tourist infrastructure. The place infuses fresh life among visitors with fresh air and scenic beauty. Doodhpathri can beat stress anyway with its picturesque location.

Lofty mountains, velvet-like green meadows, sky-touching trees, crystal-clear water and life-giving air all make Doodhpathri an unmatched and unparalleled Tourist Destination.
Doodhpathri has been recognised as an upcoming Tourist Destination by the State Tourism Department. Doodhpathri is a combination of twin pastures namely Parhacemaidan and Doodhpathri. These two bowl-like pastures present a sight of an earthly paradise. Two rivers, Shaliganga and Sokhnag, flow on either side of the pastures. Doodhpathri stands out amongst other tourist destinations for its huge area. The fields and pastures are limitless.



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