Contrary to the administrations in other countries, here in India, and especially in Jammu and Kashmir, we have witnessed a ruthless kind of transfer policy in civil as well as in police administrations.

Usually, an officer presumes to serve duties at one place for at least two years but the political higher-ups in J&K have created a scenario of ambiguity among all officers while they perform their duties.

These officers, whether in the civil administration or Police, are not sure whether they would be serving at the same place the very next day.

During the recent two to three governments including the Governor’s rule, the civil and Police administrations faced many shaky transfers, and most of the times these transfers are done for political benefits.

The immediate and out of turn transfers not only hurt the morale of officers but also adversely affect the work culture in the respective departments. If we take an example of J&K Police, with its rare decision by the newly-appointed Governor, Direct General of Police, Shesh Paul Vaid was removed as the Director General of Police (DGP) before completing his due tenure and the charge was handed over to DG Prisons Dilbagh Singh till a permanent appointment was made.

Similarly, many civil administrative heads including Commissioner Secretaries have been transferred within six months of their previous postings.

Moreover, these officers in their short tenure of posting are unable to understand their work. It would not be wrong to say that civil service officer goes through various postings in various departments during their career but as a natural phenomenon, it takes at least two to three months for every officer to understand their new posting. Now, when the political scenario is unpredictable and the transfers do happen within shot spans, then how could their service be productive for their respective departments as well as for the general public?


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