October 2013

Tahir Mohiudin Wani qualified the Kashmir Administrative Service exam 2012 with rank 6, the first person from the remote Machil area in Kupwara to clear the exam. Shahid Andrabi interviews him for Kashmir Scan.

mailWhen and why did you decide to join the civil service?

After I completed my BBA, I started to prepare for the civil service exam. I was so passionate about it, I rejected a job in Mumbai. The idea that I would have a chance to serve people and the power to take decisions at the top level of the government motivated me. Power creates a scope for work and that is true of civil service as well.

Which optional subjects did you take for the exam?

Public Administration and Urdu Literature.

You are the first person from the far-flung Machil to crack the KAS exam. How does it feel?

I feel like I am in a sea of pleasure. I see my achievement as the achievement of any common boy.

You cracked the exam in your second attempt. What thwarted you the first time?

The first time, I failed in the interview. I started all over again and worked harder. I was under pressure as there were only 65 seats this time. And when you chase a target under pressure, you achieve good results. Pressure brings pace to work.

How did you cope with all the stress?

I used to spend time with my family and friends.

Time management is vital when one is studying for competitive exams? How did you manage your time?

There is no well-defined time-frame for how much to study and for how many hours. The important thing is that you need to be punctual and serious.

Does the financial background of a candidate matter?

Not really. If you are unable to purchase to buy study material, you can get access to public libraries and internet to get it.

What if you had failed again this time?

Failure is the pillars of success. We learn from mistakes. I worked hard this time and success or failure was just a matter of luck.

You believe in luck?

Yes, I have firm belief in luck. But luck can only pay when your efforts are strong and coordinated.

Whom would you credit for your success?

Allah, then my parents, mentors Ruveda Salam, Ashraf Ahanger and Malik Waseem. Also, my friends Umrah, Firdous and Mansoor helped me throughout.

What is your message to KAS aspirants?

If you work hard and are focused and patient, success will come to you, sooner or later.

What are your future plans?

I always wanted to serve and the civil service has provided me the chance to do it. There are a lot of responsibilities and I hope to do my duty honestly. I will work for the betterment of people.



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