‘Take action against national channel for instigating violence in Valley’

The Jammu and Kashmir government is mulling to act tough against national channel, Times Now for instigating violence and spreading farce information related to the present situation in Kashmir valley.
Reliable sources told KNS that his office has written to the home secretary, asking him to take up the issue with the union home ministry to take action against the said channel for launching a tirade of misinformation about the present situation in Kashmir Valley.
“The Divisional Commissioner Kashmir office has written a formal letter to home secretary so that the issue could be taken up with the Union Home Ministry against Times Now for their involvement in vitiating stability in the region and foiling the government efforts in restoring normalcy,” official sources told KNS.
Sources further maintained that the government is mulling to direct the cable service providers to stop airing such news channels in the Valley.
They said that the office has also written to the Deputy Commissioner Jammu to take action against two other regional channels for vitiating the peace atmosphere.
Official sources said that government’s top priority at present is to maintain law and order and act against those elements who are hell bent upon fishing in the troubled waters. (KNS)


  1. This vindicates my post we need a national media policy on reporting from terrorism affected areas, especially J&K. We should not call antagonizing forces such as Hurriyat and other separatist leaders or retired army people to discuss the terror aftermath or flash pictures which glorify and romanticize terror separatism. We should desist from debates in favor or against any eventuality related to terror. Rajdeep of India Today did the same mistake. Only prudent civil society members who can prevail upon people and can douse the inflated sentiments should be called to appeal people. One Moderate Group of J&K and Ladakh has done much better a job on Social Media than many TV channels have been doing.

  2. Asking for the moon? Rajnath needs Modi sycophant as the prime channel to reach idiotic Bhakths! Who better than Arnab Gosawmi in Times Now? The ” loud coward” who lost his “valour” when seated opposite his dolled up HERO!

    • It applies in the same amount to all those channels and their Andbkaht Anchors like Radeep and Barkha etc, who lost no time in flaring up the anti India sentiment of stone pelting mob by calling the terrorist supporting and Jihadi Separatist leaders on their channels to spill venom against India. You need to act balanced and take each spin doctor equally to task and do no selective reprimanding.I had demanded a stringent media policy regarding reporting from areas of strife and terror.


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