By: G. N. Wadoo


scooty-streakThe scooty drive has become very popular especially in female circles and one can see them plying on all the roads of city, urban and rural areas driven by school and college going girls and office going women, racing in graceful style with headgear on. The boys and the elderly persons also have joined the race and it has reduced the local transport fatigue caused by overloading and usual traffic jams which have created a horrible situation on all main roads of the valley. Passengers are stranded anywhere any time and do not reach their destinations on time. However, bikes and scooty riders adopt alternate routes for avoiding traffic jams hence scootys are a substitute to other means of transport which have given much relief especially to our students, the girls and boys and the elderly people.

Unfortunately our roads are narrow, rough, slippery and ditchy with potholes in almost all areas of the city and elsewhere which have caused very horrible accidents to many bikers and scooterists as we read these shocking news from newspapers every now and then. These accidents take a heavy toll of life and have already claimed many precious human lives so far. Not only the human beings but the animals like cows, oxen, the dogs, the sheep and the horses usually pose threats of accidents because these are just standing in the middle of roads especially horses who are sleeping while standing motionless and leave no space for even tiny scootys and the people do not use the zebra crossing but cross the roads at their will in violation of the traffic rules.

It becomes difficult for the traffic department to clear the jammed traffic and usually the passengers walk the distance wherever possible in order to reach their destinations. The actual causes of traffic jams is not known, however, to my personal knowledge one of the huge jam occurred from Biscoe School beyond State Bank of India and the reason that a insane was sitting in the middle of the road and refused to leave the spot. The jam continued for a pretty long time

The day to day increasing number of vehicular traffic have destabilized the traffic system and proportionately increased the risk of accidents and traffic jams. Recently a scooty driving girl got killed and her brother seriously injured after being hit by a tripper in District Ganderbal (Ref. GK 20th September, 2013). Obviously, Scooty drive is not an exception to risks and accidents it has further added to such risks. Scooty is just a larva fish in the vast traffic ocean of trucks, bus, tippers, Mini Buses, cars, army conveys, load carriers which are all plying on the narrow roads each trying to overtake the other. The scooty driver is bound to lose control on such roads and under such situations and may cause damage to its delicate structure (scooty).

The parking on main roads in crowded streets is another cause of traffic jams where footpaths are occupied by vendors and the pedestrians have no option but to walk on main roads in busy markets. The Government has to find a way out to come out of this traffic mess so that every parent would gladly buy a scooty to his/her little daughter.


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