The Scottish-born politician, author, and broadcaster, known for his left-wing views, confrontational style, and rhetorical skill, George Galloway when asked to justify supporting Hezbollah said, “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.”

For the past three decades, everyone on the streets of Kashmir has the same notion. There are hundreds of incidents where militants have been killed for the “stability of peace in the State” and the same militants are buried with a heroic funeral.

During the past few years, the gunfight sites have witnessed a storming gathering of people to take bodies of the deceased militants without bothering for collateral damage.

The houses and shelters getting demolished by the security forces to kill the militants remain unnoticed after the incident.

Whether these house owners provide militants a space to rest at or passage or if they are left with no option after they find an armed person at their doorsteps is another question.

We need to understand the circumstances under which they provide shelter to these people and it would not be wrong to say that saying a no is not an option for them. Exceptions are there but for the rest of the people whose houses have been targeted and grounded during gunfights remains a mystery because neither they can plead before those who become the reason for their destruction nor can they stop those who destroy their shelters. They are caught between a rock and a hard place.

Reportedly, it has been seen that these house owners are not being entertained by the insurance companies in case of insured ones. On the other side, they cannot plead before the government and concerned authorities for compensation and, lastly, the pro-freedom leaders have not been seen coming to the rescue of these homeless people and most of these homeless people remain dependent on the alms and sympathies of the people.

Discussing such a small section is not the only grievance which the people of Kashmir have or have had faced but there are countless people and communities where the ongoing conflict in Kashmir has taken a heavy toll on their lives. The process seems unstoppable and unending and the people of Jammu Kashmir can only nurture a hope of a better tomorrow and the rest are dreams.


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