Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Wednesday said that Centre was ready to talk with the moderates.
He said that PM Modi would hold an all-party meeting on Kashmir on August 12.
Meanwhile, Rajya Sabha today passed a unanimous resolution, expressing sympathies over deaths in Kashmir.

Rajnath Singh
It also vowed to instill faith among people of the valley.
Singh also refuted reports suggesting that Kashmir was being handed over to army.
“No question of handing over Kashmir to Army, such rumours are being spread deliberately,” said the Home Minister.
He also said that any talks with Pakistan on Kashmir will be on Pakistan-administered Kashmir. “…and not this part of Kashmir”.

No power can separate Kashmir from India
Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Wednesday lashed out at Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s comment on Kashmir and said no power on earth can separate it from India.
“Kashmir is an inseparable part of India. No power on earth can separate it from India,” Singh said while replying to a debate in the Rajya Sabha on the current situation in the Kashmir Valley.
He said that talks would not be held with Pakistan regarding Kashmir but on the issue of Pakistan-administered Kashmir.
He said slogans like “Pakistan zindabad” that some people in Kashmir chant “won’t be tolerated” on Indian territory.
Whatever happening in Kashmir is Pakistan-sponsored
Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Wednesday said that “whatever is happening in the Kashmir Valley is sponsored by Pakistan”.
Singh said this after a discussion in the Rajya Sabha on the situation in Kashmir.
“When I visited Srinagar and Anantnag on July 23 and 24, I met about 30 delegations from different walks of life and discussed the Kashmir issue,” he said.
He also said that the separatists have been calling for shutdowns in the Kashmir Valley.
“I am not saying that people living in Kashmir are leading a normal life but the state government is trying its best to provide basic facilities,” Rajnath added.


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