Omar, Mehbooba, Mir, Sajad all readying for the ‘crown of thorns’ Chasfeeda Shah takes a deep look at the politics the rival political parties -National Conference, Peoples Democratic Party, Congress and People Conference are doing ahead of the 2019 polls.

Year 2019 is the year of elections in Jammu Kashmir with both the Legislative Assembly polls as well as parliamentary polls set to be held likely in the summers.

No wonder all the political parties in the State are again using the separatist slogans and evoking separatist aspirations.

While National Conference (NC) President Farooq Abdullah promised to bring autonomy resolution within a month of coming to power, his son promised revoking the draconian Public Safety Act (PSA) in no time if NC comes to power with majority.

Soon after losing power, Mehbooba Mufti started visiting militant families on the killings of their militant relatives. Only few months back in power, she as the head of the Unified Command, was signing their kill orders.

Similarly, the Chairman of Peoples Conference Sajad Gani Lone, who was a minister on the quota of the rightwing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has become a born-again Muslim and wants to dissociate with BJP in all forms.

He has promised to field candidates from all 87 constituencies and sought to clarify that he was not the BJP’s man and had nothing to do with BJP.

Sajad even went to say that his party stands for the resolution of Kashmir issue, something he did not say when he was in the PDP-BJP government as a minister.

The biggest surprise though is the Congress, the party that sent Afzal Guru to the gallows, an event, which changed the ground situation in Kashmir forever. The party led by Ghulam Ahmad Mir in Jammu Kashmir too has been racking up issues of soft-separatism and trying to distance itself from the rightwing Hindu fanaticism and tough stance taken by Government of India for dealing with Kashmir issue.

In the game of thrones, these are not the only players though. Some other smaller actors are also joining the bandwagon, prominent among them being the former Indian civil services topper Shah Faesal.

After being the poster boy of India for close to a decade now, Faesal also is taking the soft-separatist route to venture into Kashmir politics,

Only time will tell who would emerge victorious in this game of thrones and even the one who wins this “rat race” is not sure that he would be the winner in real sense as the Kashmir throne comes with a “crown of thorns”.


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