Not when it comes to Kashmir, a place where every second exam is mired in controversies, partly due to callous attitude of the people at helm and partly because of the students who are hell bent to sabotage the process just because success will elude them for some more months.
If you can’t face failure, you don’t deserve success, it was said.
KAS- 2016, supposed to be held in 2016, continues to haunt aspirants in 2018 and may very well stretch into 2019. The High Court of our state has stayed the interview process, taking into cognizance the appeals of candidates who failed to make it to the interview list. Their allegations- Mass Error, Mass Scam the premise of which they base on directed/ought to be reform -Digital Checking/marking.
It’s heart wrenching to see an exam turn into a matter of life and death, of curse and calumny, where aspirants threaten suicide and use abusive language for administrators/elders at positions of distinction. Beyond this realm of vitriol and obloquy, the same people are alleging mass scam only after they have been declared unqualified. Till the declaration of results the same PSC was competent enough running on a reform spree. Is it pure coincidence, or a touchstone example of hypocrisy.
The balloon of scam bursts the moment we consider facts and move away from rhetoric.
1. The first fallacy is about Digital Checking. A narrative is being constructed around this non issue, wherein a misnomer- Digital Checking is being used to refer to On Screen Evaluation. The papers are being evaluated manually by people of academic repute. The only difference is that papers are scanned using high end softwares after following benchmark standards.
2. Secondly, who decides the deserving and undeserving. PSC or the Aspirants? How can aspirants that too those who couldn’t qualify the exam allege that the deserving have been left out. The blue eyed know what happens within the Institution of PSC. It must be the non Qualified then.
3. Finally, whatever entailed till now can’t be overturned. Now the case is in court, and we, the 963 mains qualified have full faith in the judiciary and the honourable judges’ competence to uphold justice.
The process has stretched for 3 years already, and haunts the JKPSC CCE 2019 (KAS) exam. Our only demand to the Honorable High Court is that the process should be expedited.
963 Mains Qualified Aggrieved Candidates.


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