Amid on-going turmoil in Jammu and Kashmir, this year turned to be a deadliest with over 400 killings so far, highest in 10 years. The recent killing of 17 militants in just two days by the security forces in south Kashmir carried the death toll for the year to the highest in nearly a decade.

Among 400 deaths, more than half are militants, over 68 civilians, 75 policemen and other security forces. The killing spree took apace after the security forces intensified operations against the militants, especially in south Kashmir against the increasing graph of target killings of policemen especially SPOs for their alleged work as a ‘third eye’ for the security forces. In November only more than 20 militants were killed including top commanders of Hizbul Mujahidin and Lashkar-e-Toiba and other ‘A’ category militants.

The killing of LeT top commander Naveed Jatt lately is considered as one of the major successes for security forces as he was the most wanted for being one of the prime suspects in the killing of renowned journalist Dr. ShujaatBukhari.

Pertinently, the selfies of militants at Ganta Ghar, Srinagar after their conference that they held at Hazratbal had built up pressure on security forces and agencies for a major security breach. The conference was participated by more than 50 militants including top commanders of HM, LeT and other militant outfits.

The abduction of SPOs and civilians who were accused of being informers for the security forces is one of the major challenges. The videos in which one of the abducted civilian was beheaded and another pumped with bullets shook the masses especially the policemen. Though the militants involved in slaughtering and killing of SPOs were killed within few days of their video message that is not the end. There are hundreds of militants mostly local militants who are active and continuing their operations in south, central and north Kashmir.

Whatever is happening, there seems an unending killing spree in J&K. With every passing day, week or a month, we witness the loss of human lives whether those are militants, security personals or civilians. Kashmir has turned into the bloodiest battlefield.


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