March 2014

14srim01As the spring sets its foot in Kashmir, the bloom of almond flowers on the banks of Nageen Lake, attracts a large number of people – both from Kashmir and outside – to this beautiful garden. Revived after years of negligence by the J&K Bank, the Badam Waer (Garden of Almonds) has been restored to its past glory. Once again, the sound of music resonates in this garden. The garden also houses a huge well – known as Waris Khan’s Chah (The well of Waris Khan).

blossoms (6)Badam Vaer (Garden of almond trees) located in Down Town of Srinagar City is these days in its full bloom and people throng to enjoy its beauty. “Though the beauty of Kashmir is no where hidden in this world and the various gardens, health resorts adds its beauty but Badam Vaer is having a unique beauty among all these gardens

8sria05The festival of Badam Vaer was highly popularized during Bhakshi regime. The Bhakshi family was among the main visitors of the Badam Vaer especially during the days of festival.


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