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Access denied!

Blocking internet is as good as snatching fundamental human rights So we are undergoing another spell of violence. As usual the result has been the same – killing of innocent civilians, especially the youth. And...

The Currency Trade

    In present times when financial markets are in turmoil and the banking system has been plagued by burgeoning bad loans, sound money management skills become inevitable. Even as it's the most challenging task for...

Looking Ahead

  By Sajad Bazaz    In the given economic scenario, it is the power of youth which alone can trigger any country's economic growth. This statement has a basis in a recent World Bank study which reveals...

Stitch in time….

  By Sajad Bazaz  It's not unprecedented that most of the customers are most of the times in complaining mood against the banks. But it's unprecedented that the managements of the banks, including their regulator, are...

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