Appeals district administration to make immediate assessment of the loss.

Kupwara, June 12: Awami Itehad Party Youth Leader Pirzada Firdous Ahmad has appealed district administration Kupwara for immediate assessment of loss created to crops due to recent hailstorm. In a statement released today he says, “the farmers, walnut and fruit growers have been the worst sufferers in successive governments, due to lack of comprehensive policy for agriculture sector in the state.

Although the most part of the state economy is directly dependent on agriculture, but this sector has been ignored”. He added that the recent hailstorm has badly effected villages like Gulgam, Allachizab, Awoora, Manwan, Kawari, Laderwan Zirhama of Qadirabad block of district Kupwara. District administration shall immediately set up a special team to assess the loss and compensate farmers at the earliest.


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