Between a rock and a hard place

The Scottish-born politician, author, and broadcaster, known for his left-wing views, confrontational style, and rhetorical skill, George Galloway when asked to justify supporting Hezbollah...

Cover Story

A blast and a bloodbath

Kulgam Killings: A carnage that didn’t end with a gunfight Soon after the October 21 mayhem in Kulgam, Kashmir Scan correspondent reached the spot to...


Dal Lake 

Dal Lake is largest water body in Srinagar, which is uniquely placed. It has majestic Zabarwan hills in the backdrop, whose mirror image is...




Marriage and domestic violence

Sheikh Mudasir Amin paints a grim picture of domestic violence against women and backs it up with the disturbing figures of the past seven years...

Special Report

Khayam Cinema and Ikhwan Hotel: The many tragedies of Kashmir

Once famed places of entertainment and hospitality have now turned into living memories of the pain and agony suffered by people at the hands...


‘Building Brand “Parsa’s” to help economy, create employment’

Social media turned fast-food chain Kathi Junction's Sarah City Centre outlet into a 'must-visit' place overnight. In an interview, the entrepreneur who effected the...


My struggle as a woman my sole inspiration: Ruveda Salam

MBBS, KAS, IPS, IAS: Kashmir woman who did it all 'Excellence not a destination but a continuous journey' Hailing from a small border village of Farkin...

Health and Fitness

Maternity-care: Respect Women’s Rights

The policymakers in J&K must help the administration to set up a proposal and give our women the rights they deserve during and after...

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Grappling with Power Crisis

JANUARY 2013 By Kainat Mushtaq In the depth of the bitterly cold winter Mehbooba's family sits around a kerosene stove to warm themselves in a  dimly...

Legal Opinion

Cognizable and Non Cognizable Offences

Under the Criminal Procedure Code, offences can be classified on the basis of the following three criterions; Cognizable and Non Cognizable offences Bailable and...


The Kaks of Pakistan team

  By Rameez Bhat Cricket is a game of professionalism. It is meant for offering splendid action. We have witnessed so many heartbreaking incidents in this...
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