Published On: Sun, Jan 26th, 2014

Line Out of Control


EditorialLine of Control is active again, a decade after a ceasefire agreement between India and Pakistan had calmed the frontiers. According to an estimate, there have been more than 200 violations on the LoC and the International Border.  The consequent tension has setback the relationship between the two countries which was on the rebound following Nawaz Sharif’s takeover as the Prime Minister of Pakistan in May. The incidents on border have deferred the resumption of bilateral dialogue with even summit meeting between the prime ministers of the two countries failing to achieve anything. The scenario for the immediate future looks bleak. And all this is happening at a time when the situation in the sub-continent is set for a profound geo-political transformation following US exit from Afghanistan in 2014. This scenario has unsettling dimensions and unless the two countries find a way to get together and jointly address the problems in Afghanistan post US withdrawal, the new forces and factors which are likely to be unleashed could detrimentally impact the region. It is tragic that just when India and Pakistan are required to step up and steer the region through this fraught transition, they have returned to their old bickering, And if the situation continues like this, there is every possibility that US exit would disturb the arrangements that had stabilized the region for the past thirteen years and push it back over the edge.  We hope that New Delhi and Islamabad realizing the momentous changes sweeping through region will cooperate to not only steer the region through this fraught transition but also take concrete steps to mend their lingering differences which alone will be the guarantee for a sustainably peaceful South Asia.

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