Kashmir Scan, August 2014

 By KS Correspondent

 IMG_4786Three years after employing a retired bureaucrat, the Jammu and Kashmir Academy for Art, Culture and Languages is again on a look out for a new Secretary. Kashmir Scan tries to find out why

The hunt for the Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir Academy for Art, Culture and Languages has started again.

The process is a repeat of 2011, when a five-member search committee was constituted under the chairmanship of noted historian Muhammad Yousuf Taing.

After searching for the Secretary for a while, the Academy finally settled for a retired bureaucrat and appointed him as the Secretary in violation of all the norms of the General Administration Department (GAD).

As per the directions of the GAD, no retired government employees must be re-employed.

The appointment of a retired bureaucrat also hampered the smooth functioning of the Academy and in the past two years, the Academy failed to do any extraordinary work.

Jammu and Kashmir Academy for Art, Culture and Languages is an autonomous body and as per the constitution there are certain norms to choose the secretary, all of which were floated in the appointment of the previous Secretary who was chose after goodwill hunting.

The function of the Academy is to promote culture, literature, and heritage but it has remained marred in controversies.

A Secretary needs to be energetic, visionary and dynamic, not a retired person who has already played his or her innings in government services.

Now as the Academy is again looking for a new Secretary and a new search committee has been constituted, the worrisome thing is that the committee should not get influenced by any quarter if it has to get a deserving Secretary.

Talking to Kashmir Scan, historian Muhammad Yusuf Taing said whatever happened in the past with the appointment of the Secretary of the Academy is history now.

“We can’t undo it,” Taing said. “The things need to be sorted out in a better manner now but I am not the part of the new search committee.”


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