Psychological Implications Of Resistance Struggle On Kashmiri Children

UMAR FAROOQ VEERI “There is no denying of this fact that the ongoing unrest in the long run will implicate upon the psychological & sociological makeshift of children in the valley who at this crucial juncture find the pro- sloganeerinag as only means of refreshging their souls & rejuvenating their thrist of freedom” India and Pakistan have More...

by KS Correspondent | Published 1 year ago
Azadi that may never come
By Kashmir Scan On Monday, July 18th, 2016

Of Puppet Politicians And Uniformed Goons Of Kashmir

Every five years only the face of the oppressor changes in Kashmir but the oppression remains just the same. The ‘Democide’ continues unabated. By Faisal Bashir After putting Kashmiris under a virtual house More...

By Kashmir Scan On Saturday, July 16th, 2016

Open Letter To Major Arya (Veteran)

“The second time I was beaten up by the BSF I was still ten years old. The third time I was beaten up by the CRPF I was still ten years old and then next fifteen sixteen times I was beaten up I was STILL ten More...

By Kashmir Scan On Saturday, July 16th, 2016

Home Deprived

“42 deaths later, I am still at my friend’s house hoping for things to get better.” By Areeba Zainab: My exams were over, and I was more than happy as it was time for me to go home- my Kashmir. More...

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